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Solo acoustic guitar album. This instrumental album contains six original tunes and five fingerstyle arrangements o famous jazz, pop and classical tunes.

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Enrico Maria Milanesi – Acoustic guitar, fretless classical guitar

Julian Scordato - Electronics, sound design (on track 3)

Massimo Guaccio - Percussions (on track 2)


Recorded by Enrico Maria Milanesi @ InDaHouse Studio, Pordenone (IT)

Mixed and mastered by Marc DeSisto @ Luke's Room Studio, Los Angeles (CA)



Ragtime in Cuba (E.M. Milanesi)

Tig Còilì (E.M. Milanesi)

Dans l'Esprit du Compositeur (E.M. Milanesi, J. Scordato)

Le Petit Sorcier (E.M. Milanesi)

I Want You Back (The Jackson 5)

My Favourite Things (R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstein II)

Thinking Out Loud (E. Sheeran)

Fretless Gipsy (E.M. Milanesi)

La Catedral - Allegro Solemne (A. Barrios)

Metronome Man (E.M. Milanesi)

Tristorosa (H. Villa-Lobos)


The album is available both in digital (in major music stores) and physical support. To receive a physical copy please click on the button below and send me your shipping address.

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